Who the f**k am I?

Good, you’re asking the right questions! The first step to be a programmer is to ask good questions.

Introducing myself is most probably the toughest job in the world. Still, let’s try. *clears throat* My name is Aniket Bhattacharyea. My name literally means “homeless”, but it’s one name of one of our gods, so I can let that go. I’m 19 years old, a student from Kolkata, India.

I’m currently pursuing a B. Sc. in Mathematics. My story with Maths is full of ups and downs. I went from being a Maths hater to a Maths major (almost), but that’s different story.

Ok, but what makes you eligible to write about programming?

Nothing, really! Hell, I don’t even have a degree in Computers. But programming and I go a loooooong way – 10 years to be exact. Let me share the story – 

Programming in my life, is the one thing that was never supposed to happen. Everything in my life was adverse for being a programmer.

Our locality is in the outskirt of Kolkata, a somewhat isolated place. It used to be about 20 years behind the modern era. Computers were technologies from alien planets. I had heard of computers, but had no idea what they were. I just knew you can play one or two games.

I first touched a computer in 2006, in our school. There were only 4 computers – 3 CRT and one LCD monitor. They were those old Pentium processor with Windows 98 and XP. The first thing that I did was what every Indian student did –

Hello, Paint!

I used to pester my father to buy me a computer. But it was not possible financially, he had lost his job and got one recently. He promised me to give one in class 5 though. One of his colleagues would give one to me.

Around that time, I wrote my first program, in LOGO –

FD 100 
RT 90
FD 100
RT 90
FD 100 
RT 90
FD 100 
RT 90

I liked it, how you can write stuff and the computer draws things. Although I didn’t grow much interest.

My cousin bought a computer by that time. Although she used to love me, I was not allowed to touch her computer. But I used to wait for vacations all the year, when I used to visit her. She would play on her computer and I’d watch in wonder.

I also inherited one thing from her.


This game console. (Not my picture).

This made me partially happy. At least I got half of a computer.

I inherited another thing from her – a computer book. I was looking for something to try on this game console from this book.

I found only one thing – QBasic.

And that’s where it all began. My journey as a programmer.

I wrote my first QBasic program –

10 PRINT "I'm Aniket"

I grew an interest, but didn’t get a computer. I had to make do with the console, and I did

Cut to 2011, a young boy was appointed as my Maths teacher. But he was also a programmer. He first introduced me to HTML and JavaScript. That’s where my interest started. I still didn’t have a computer. I had to wait whole week to go to his house and write programs on his computer. I had to be careful not to make mistakes, because I didn’t want to waste the whole time fixing my errors.

That time, I had to write programs manually, on my notebook. I could even write programs in my head.

Seeing my interest, he thought of introducing me to PHP. But he told me to learn C first.

But, as fate had it, he got a job. And that’s where my journey began as a self taught programmer.

I finished the book of C and C++ when I was in class 10, but still didn’t have a computer, so I couldn’t practice. I had to wait two years before I got a tab. Now I had somewhere I could practice.

I used the hell out of it. I learnt Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, JS, Android programming and what not.

In 2015, I got my laptop, and since then I have been doing programming regularly. I have participated in Google Code-In 2016, and TopCoder HumbleFool Charity Hackathon, where my team got 6th position.

I’m currently working as an intern in DataSutram.

Now the thing is, I may not know a lot of coding. I might not have a many skills (hence the name of the blog ;-)) (Yes, I close my parentheses), but I do love programming. Over the years, I have had no one to help me while learning coding, so I decided to share whatever I have learned to the needy. This blog is for those who are starting out with programming, or those who are looking for some tips on coding, or someone who just wants to learn.

So, enjoy!

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